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Two decades ago, we started with a mission to empower every individual who has an ambition and is determined to achieve it. On the way, we met many such inspired souls who didn't have much to show, but had a clear vision of their path ahead. Today, we feel immensely proud to have touched over three million such lives by helping them reach closer to their dreams.

And it's truly humbling to hear back from them, to be appreciated, and to know that we could be part of their success story.

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  • Ranjeev Ranjan

    "I have been associated with Mahindra Finance since 5 years. I first took loan from Mahindra Finance in 2013 which turned out to be very convenient for me as compared to the banks. Less documentation and disbursement is very fast..... [+]

    Even when I failed to pay an EMI on time, they would send an executive to visit our place to collect EMI. The staff is friendly to deal with. Because of all this, I took a loan again in 2016. I have repaid both the loans I have taken and now I am planning to take a third one from them." [-]

    - Ranjeev Ranjan, Patliputra

  • Kundan Kumar

    "I was looking out for options to take a loan for a pre-owned WagonR. I came to know about Mahindra Finance from an acquaintance. Mahindra Finance was clearly more feasible option financially so I went ahead with it..... [+]

    I am fully satisfied with the products and service quality that Mahindra Finance provides. If I have any more loan requirement, I will definitely go with Mahindra Finance. " [-]

    - Kundan Kumar, Muzaffarpur

  • Kailash Yadav

    "Financed 4 vehicles from Mahindra Finance till now. Services are very good. Need not to go anywhere, executives come to our place to collect EMIs..... [+]

    Received NOC on time. Rate of Interest is also very good. Will prefer Mahindra Finance in future as well for any vehicle loan." [-]

    - Kailash Yadav, Chandigarh

  • Khalid

    "I have been associated with MF since 2 years now. MF was suggested to me by my relative. Compared to others the interest rate of MF is the lower. I am very happy with the staff of MF. Once there was an emergency.... [+]

    in my family and I could not pay an EMI, I informed this to them and there was no issue raised by the staff. Even if I am late in paying an EMI, their friendly staff comes home for collection." [-]

    - Khalid, Meerut

  • RohitKumar

    "I took a loan from Mahindra Finance, 2.5 years ago for the purchase of my car. The loan disbursement process is very fast. It took only 3 days for the disbursement..... [+]

    The experience at the branch is pleasant, I don’t have to wait for the EMI payment, which saves me time and hassle.I am happy with the overall experience with MF." [-]

    - RohitKumar, Chandigarh

  • Varun Kumar Jha

    "I took a loan from Mahindra Finance, 2-3 years ago for Genset for my business. This was the third loan taken from Mahindra Finance. I like how easy is the processing of the loan. Also.... [+]

    the disbursement is very fast. They have an impressive branch network which works in my favor. I availed the loan from Bihar and now I am paying the EMIs at Delhi Branch which is convenient for me." [-]

    - Varun Kumar Jha, Delhi

  • Suresh

    "I am Suresh, I belong to an agricultural family. When I thought of starting up my own travels business I was helpless. Mahindra Finance supported me by offering the required loan with which I bought Mahindra Tourister. While the travels business started to pick up,.... [+]

    I also wanted to focus on my family’s agriculture business. I was prompt with my installment payments, because of which Mahindra Finance by itself offered me another loan to buy tractor. I have recommended Mahindra Finance to my kith and kin for any loan requirement. With the support of Mahindra Finance, both my travels and agriculture businesses have improved a lot." [-]

    - Suresh, Tamilnadu

  • Govindan

    "I come from an agricultural background; I shared my thought of buying a tractor with my friend. He, being the existing customer of Mahindra Finance, referred me to the company for a tractor loan. The team immediately disbursed the loan amount and I got my tractor within a week..... [+]

    With the help of the tractor my income level has improved. I ensure promptness in my repayment. I am also planning to buy another tractor in the coming year and I will definitely prefer Mahindra Finance for the same." [-]

    - Govindan, Tamilnadu

  • Ramesh

    "I used to be a driver with monthly salary and minimal earning. I had always dreamt of owning a vehicle and that dream came true with the support of Mahindra Finance. I was able to buy a Hyundai Eon and start my life as an.... [+]

    owner cum driver and my income has improved now. I was prompt in repaying my installments and closed the contract with good reputation I am also eligible for a pre-approved loan on my vehicle which makes me feel secured." [-]

    - Ramesh, Tamilnadu

  • Jomon Thomas

    "I used to run a shop in kuttyadi town and have a good family background. I have always dreamt of a owning a house, but due to financial crisis and other circumstances, I couldn’t save up enough money to accomplish my dream..... [+]

    But Mahindra Finance came to my rescue during my crisis period and offered a top up loan on my existing vehicle Maruti Suzuki Dzire Vdi, with which I was able to build my home and fulfill dream." [-]

    - Jomon Thomas, Kerala

  • Sulaiman

    "I was a taxi driver cum owner in Naduvannur until 2014. I bought Chevrolet Tavera with the loan offered by Mahindra Finance. Being the elder sibling of the family I had the responsibility to get the sisters married..... [+]

    While I was looking for money from across the sources none helped that’s when Mahindra finance offered a loan on my vehicle. I was able organize my sister’s engagement in a good way." [-]

    - Sulaiman, Kerala

  • Soumya Binu

    "I have been introduced to Mahindra Finance through my father who is already an existing customer of Mahindra Finance. I am doing a business in Kerala which was doing well. But after the floods in Kerala my business went down and that’s when I approached Mahindra.... [+]

    Finance based on the trust and the service they offered during my father’s loan tenure. I was given loan for 3 generators and with this help my business started to take off and we are also exporting the products to international market." [-]

    - Soumya Binu, Kerala

  • Balwantsingh Raulji

    "I stay in Vadodara and work as a maintenance manager in a company. In 2017, I took a loan from Mahindra Finance. The loan was .... [+]

    disbursed very fast and with ease. In case of any issue during the loan tenure, easy and fast solution is provided by the staff." [-]

    - Balwantsingh Raulji, Gujarat

  • Sanjay Bhimraoji Rahangdale

    "I have been associated with Mahindra Finance since 2 to 3 years now. With Mahindra Finance, I got approval in 2-3 days and disbursement within a week. I was .... [+]

    provided with full support personally which makes it easier to deal with the loan. I have recommended Mahindra Finance to others and will continue to do so." [-]

    - Sanjay Bhimraoji Rahangdale, Maharashtra

  • Vaishnav Jain

    "Been associated with Mahindra Finance since 10-12 years. My Experience has been very good. Once in my tenure, I could not give EMI for 2 months .... [+]

    due to personal reasons and Mahindra Finance was accommodative. I am now planning to get a refinance for my vehicle, I am planning to get it from Mahindra Finance only." [-]

    - Vaishnav Jain, Gujarat

  • Vijay Vasant Gaitonde

    "My father owned a pasteurised milk business and I decided to expand that and venture into ice-cream and kulfi making. However finance was not readily available. I applied in many banks and my case was pending for 3-4 months..... [+]

    Then I approached Mahindra Finance. They visited my factory, studied my documents and sanctioned my loan in ten days! Today many of my products stand at par with India's biggest brands." [-]

    - Vijay Vasant Gaitonde, Mumbai

  • Shweta Patil

    "I started with one machine, one operator and a crankshaft machining capacity of only five numbers, then we entered into an agreement with a leading car manufacturer who required us to install an automated line of machines. .... [+]

    For this, I required a solid financial solution. That's when I approached Mahindra Finance. They made a proper observation of my business and designed a strategy to suit my need. Today the production capacity of my company has increased by four times since I got the loan and it is equipped with the latest technology that gives me an edge in the market." [-]

    - Shweta Patil, Pune

  • Ramapati Mishra

    "For me, business expansion with a loan was a distant dream. Dealing in engineering and auto parts I required funding for two CNC machines. No bank was ready to provide me a loan and the ones that could would charge a heavy premium..... [+]

    Then I got in touch with the team at Mahindra Finance. They did a detailed analysis of my business and after few reference checks, they provided me a loan." [-]

    - Ramapati Mishra, Gurgaon

  • Ratnabhai Bharvad

    "I've been into the dairy business for the last 15 years. I earn around Rs. 30,000 every month and at present, have a loan for two Mahindra Pickups for my business. My experience with Mahindra Finance has been great so far. The executives have been very helpful and I've never had to wait long for the loans. Plus, considering my financial situation, they even increased my loan tenure to six years and reduced the penalty charges..... [+]

    Before the loan, I used to supply milk on my bike. But then it became more and more difficult to supply milk in the interiors of my village. That's when I decided to purchase a Mahindra Pickup and approached Mahindra Finance for a loan. They seemed to understand my need immediately, and helped me to get a quick loan disbursal. After the Pickup came in, my business grew by five times and has been growing at a tremendous pace since then. In fact, now that I'm earning well, I'm even aspiring to purchase a family car and then go for a home loan after a few years.

    Now when people ask me for a suggestion regarding loans, I always recommend just one name – Mahindra Finance." [-]

    - Ratnabhai Bharvad, Vododara

  • Surya Narayan

    "I was with a construction company for eight years. In 2004, I left my job and started subcontracting with a few friends. Three years later, I decided to expand. So I took up a commercial vehicle loan from Mahindra Finance to buy a vehicle for transportation and marketing purposes. Soon, my partnership firm began to grow since I could visit more clients and serve them better..... [+]

    In 2009, I started my own company and needed to buy another vehicle. Considering our good rapport, I decided to stick to Mahindra Finance for yet another commercial vehicle loan.

    Few years ago, I was just an ordinary employee. Today, my company, Pranathi Engineering Services, is a family of over 200 motivated individuals. I now intend to expand into construction services and move up to becoming a contractor from a sub-contractor. All thanks to friends and organisations like Mahindra Finance who showed faith in my potential and helped me along my journey."[-]

    - Surya Narayan, Hyderabad

  • S K Rabbani

    "I used to be a taxi driver in Mumbai for six years. But a dire need of money forced me to leave my motherland and migrate to Saudi Arabia to earn a living. I worked there as a private car driver and did well monetarily. But for me, money couldn't replace the joy of working in my own motherland..... [+]

    Five years later, I decided to return home. With my savings of Rs. 1 lakh, I started a business dealing in scraps in Hyderabad. But then, things didn't go too well and I lost all my money in the business. My confidence took a big hit and I was back to where I was – being an ordinary taxi driver. But somewhere in my heart, I always believed that those who try can never fail.

    From whatever I earned as a taxi driver, I managed to save Rs. 30,000. Using that, I took up a three-wheeler loan from Mahindra Finance to buy an Alfa Load. And thanks to them, I am a proud owner of a vehicle. Since then, my earnings have considerably increased and so has my respect in the society. Today, I feel much more confident about myself and I am now looking forward to buying a second vehicle as soon as the loan for the first one is over.

    I am grateful to Mahindra Finance for helping me 'Rise' in my own country." [-]

    - S.K. Rabbani, Hyderabad

  • Mohammad Basheer

    "I started working at the age of 10 at a garage and grew up working there as a mechanic. Then one day, a Bajaj 3-Wheeler came in for repair. I decided to buy it. So I arranged for the money from my relatives and the savings I already had. I used the vehicle for around six to seven years, but since it was old, I kept losing a lot of money in its maintenance. I then sold it back and started working as a driver for some time..... [+]

    When Mahindra Finance came up with the 100% financing option, I could see the opportunity there. With the three-wheeler loan, I bought the new Alfa with a down payment of just Rs. 13,000. Today, my hard work, with support from Mahindra Finance, has paid off and I'm earning enough to pay off my EMI of Rs. 6,500.

    And even though I wanted to expand my business, the problem is that there aren't enough drivers easily available. Mahindra Finance has turned all of them into successful businessmen! "[-]

    - Mohammad Basheer, Hyderabad

  • Ram Prajapati

    "My wife and kids always used to complain to me that other relatives have a car, and we don't. However, being an ordinary petrol attendant with a modest income, I had to admit that buying a car was next to impossible. But I couldn't bear to see the disappointment in their eyes..... [+]

    So I enquired about cars at Maruti, and if they could guide me with a car loan scheme. But I always had this fear that my income and the available documents would never be sufficient to fetch me a loan. However, the dealer introduced me to Mahindra Finance. MMFSL not only gave me a loan, but also provided it for a longer tenure of five years with an option to pay in cash.

    I decided to go for the loan and bought a Maruti 800. Since then, I've been going out with my family on holidays and taking our car to social events like marriages, Diwali celebrations, etc.

    Today, I am very happy because my family is happy. After all, we can now enjoy the pleasure of having a car, just like others – all thanks to Mahindra Finance for helping me fulfil my family's wishes!"[-]

    - Ram Prajapat, Sanganer

  • "I was an ordinary labourer working in a brick manufacturing plant. But I always wanted to start my own business of transporting goods. However, the major obstacle was getting finance to buy a tractor..... [+]

    I approached various banks and other financial institutions and was informed that they do not offer re-finance as a product. This is where Mahindra Finance came in and offered me a tractor loan without any hassles. Today, I'm my own boss and earning a respectable income. To be honest, Mahindra Finance has totally changed my life! In short, Mahindra Finance ne mujhe majdoor se malik bana diya."[-]

    - Krishna, Jhajjar

  • Bhavinbhai Gadhiya

    "For as long as I can remember, I have always wanted to buy a house of my own. But given my situation, nobody was willing to trust me with a loan. At that time, I had a small fabrication workshop and my annual income was just 1.5 lakh rupees. That is when a friend introduced me to Mahindra Finance. After verification, I was immediately granted a loan of 4 lakh rupees. And the entire process happened in a totally quick and hassle-free manner..... [+]

    I am really very grateful to Mahindra Finance. I feel it is because of them that today, I am a proud owner of a house. This house has been really lucky for me. My business is doing very well. I have also been repaying the loan without much stress since my income has gone up. And all this wouldn't have been possible without the timely help from Mahindra Finance."[-]

    - Bhavinbhai Gadhiya, Rajkot

  • Yogesh Kaushal

    "I used to stay in a rented house but had a great piece of land where I always dreamt of building a nice little house. But I had no money. So I approached MRHFL and they immediately sanctioned a loan to help me build my home. The new house has brought immense joy to my family. My wife and kids are extremely happy and proud of me."

    - Yogesh Kaushal, Dewas

  • Miratun Nessa

    "My husband had bought a Maruti Alto through Mahindra Finance. At that time, the staff informed us about the Mahindra Loan Suraksha product which promised to take care of the loan, in case something happened to my husband..... [+]

    Being the only earning member in the family, he decided that we should opt for this cover. A year later, life took us by surprise when my husband passed away. We were all in deep shock. With three children to look after, was in no position to repay the loan. I had no clue know what to do. Thankfully, Mahindra Finance stepped in at that time and helped us settle the Mahindra Loan Suraksha claim. They took care of everything and the entire loan was waived off. I am really thankful to Mahindra Finance for all their support."[-]

    - Miratun Nessa Bibi, Barasat

  • "I took a personal loan from Mahindra Finance as I wanted to renovate my house. The rate of interest being offered to me was very low. So I took it, and I found the loan process to be smooth and quick. The entire house renovation process was hassle-free, and I owe a lot to Mahindra Finance."

    - Sharad Patel, Nashik

  • Subhash

    "I have been a Mahindra Finance customer for the last six years and I am very happy with their service. I first went to them in 2004 when I wanted to buy a Mahindra tractor for my two-acre land, on which I cultivate paddy. The local dealer transferred my loan proposal to Mahindra Finance..... [+]

    Immediately, their representatives visited me for verification and to my surprise, the loan was granted quite promptly. Then later when I had to avail of four new tractor loans, I couldn't think anybody else other than Mahindra Finance. Since my experience with them has been so positive, I have recommended Mahindra Finance to several of my acquaintances in my area. I am very happy and proud to be a Mahindra Finance customer."[-]

    - S. Subhash, Nagercoil

  • "Mahindra Finance is not just a financer, but has emerged as a support system for me. I have refinanced three vehicles with the help of Mahindra Finance and expanded my business as well. Today, I am considered as an opinion leader amongst my friends and have also recommended Mahindra Finance to other local transporters."

    - Jaswant Singh, Lucknow

  • SalemamadIbrahimNode

    "I have a small business dealing in cattle feed. Before I approached Mahindra Finance, I used to purchase cattle feed from farmers and transport it via a three wheeler to a cattle camp, where I would sell the entire stock. It would earn me around Rs 7,000 – Rs 8,000, at that time..... [+]

    Then I purchased a Bolero Pickup which was financed by Mahindra Finance. I must say, I got the loan very quickly, without any hassles. Since then, I have taken a top-up loan on the same vehicle along with a personal loan. My life has changed completely and my business has grown significantly. I now earn around Rs 20,000 – Rs 22,000 per month. My children go to good schools – something which I was not able to afford earlier. I have even purchased a plot, and all this has been possible only due to the support of Mahindra Finance. I am extremely grateful to them."[-]

    - Salemamad Ibrahim Node, Bhuj

  • Two Wheeler Loan

    "I chose Mahindra Finance because I was attracted by the interest rates they were providing. I have compared Mahindra Finance to other finance companies, and found the staff completely professional and co-operative. They offer loans according to the need of the customer with low interest rates. Their representatives are in touch with me every month and remind me about their scheme updates and interest paying dates."

    - Rekha Arjun Wagh, Nashik

  • "My job is to pick up and drop kids to school in my vehicle. Earlier, I owned an auto, but it proved insufficient in handling the increasing number of students. At that point of time, I began hunting for Pre Owned cars and luckily, found one too. But finance was a major concern..... [+]

    Then someone told me that Mahindra Finance offers easy and hassle-free utility vehicle loans. I approached them and my loan application got sanctioned without any hassle. My experience with the company was so good that when I needed another loan for a new vehicle, I approached them without a second thought. Today, I own a brand new Omni and the reason behind this is Mahindra Finance. I thank them for helping me achieve success and stability in life." [-]

    - Hitendra Bhagwati Lal Shah, Vadodara

  • "I have been using Mahindra cars for a long time now, and therefore when it came to vehicle finance, Mahindra Finance was immediately my first choice. Also, everything from loan approval to repayment terms, happens smoothly with Mahindra Finance. And if I want to opt for a loan in the future, Mahindra Finance would always be my first choice."

    - Yadav, Lucknow

  • "I live in a village called Valked, in Dhindori Taluka, Nasik. Farming has been the source of income for our family and continues to be so. Till 2006, we used to do farming activities using traditional equipments and bullocks. Due to this, the output used to be average..... [+]

    I used to stay with my entire family in a small hut. Like every common man, I too dreamed of having a big house, advanced agricultural equipments and a vehicle of my own. I decided to make my dream come true and thought of buying a tractor. I approached banks, co-operative societies, but nobody granted me a loan. After all this, I went to a Mahindra tractor showroom; there I met a sales executive who briefed me about Mahindra Finance's loan option. I applied for it and post the verification of documents, the executive assured me that my loan request would be approved. The company saw my determination to pay back the loan and hardwork, and I really thank them for it."[-]

    - Sudam Bhaurao Shinde, Nashik

  • "Mahindra Finance helped me in 2006 when I didn't even have a marginal amount to buy my first tractor. From getting financial help for one tractor, I now own 16, all because of Mahindra Finance. They treated me as a part of their family and offered hassle-free loans and I re-paid my EMIs regularly.....[+]

    Today I live my life 'Shaan se'. I pay around 16 lakh yearly towards the EMI of my loans. In my village, people earlier used to recognise me as "Salesman Sharma". Today they know me as 'Sharmaji'. Even the village Sarpanch admits that I’ve progressed a lot after all the financial help from Mahindra Finance. In fact, I have 16 tractors and also helped 20-25 people in my village to get employment."[-]

    - Mahesh Kumar Sharma, Bhatinda

  • "I live in the slum area of Surat and have my own scrap business. I have been associated with Mahindra Finance since the last nine years. In 2004, when I needed a loan, I approached many banks and financiers but no one was ready to provide me a loan due to lack of documents. At that time, Mahindra Finance came to my rescue by trusting my earning capability and helped me get the required loan. .... [+]

    At present, I have completed 10 different loans and currently have two ongoing loans. Now, I own two houses, a shop, a godown and also my very own car. Today, when a financier offers me a loan even at a lower rate of interest, I still prefer going to Mahindra Finance." [-]

    - Shanuddin Sheikh, Surat

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