Online Shareholders Satisfaction Survey

It has been our continuous endeavor to provide the best of the services to our esteemed stakeholders whilst maintaining the highest level of corporate governance in the Company. In order to further improve shareholder service standards we seek your inputs through this survey. We look forward to receiving your valuable feedback and suggestions.

online shareholders survey

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A. Your satisfaction level with Company's Registrar & Transfer Agent(RTA)'s services in the following areas:

1. Timely receipt of Dividend / Interest / Redemption amounts.

2. Timely Receipt of Dividend / Interest / Redemption amount on request made, after expiry of initial validity period of instrument.

3. Timely receipt of Annual Report and General Meeting / Postal Ballot notices.

4. Timely receipt of other documents and intimations including Dividend / Interest / Redemption intimations, etc.

5. Timely response to request for Dematerialization/ Rematerialization / Transmission/ Nomination/Transposition of names, etc.

6. Timely response to request for updation of KYC including request for change of address / Bank Mandate.

7. Experience (courtesy and promptness) on dealing with RTA Officials.

B. Your experience (courtesy and promptness) on interaction with the Company Officials.

1. Quality and accuracy of response

2. Promptness

3. Accessibility

C. Quality, content and presentation of the Annual Report.

1. Courtesy

2. Quality and accuracy of Response

3. Promptness

D. Quality and content of ‘Investor Relations’ section on Company’s website.

E. Ease and accessibility while navigating the Company’s website.

1. Quality and content of 'Investor Relations' Section of our Corporate Website

2. Ease and accessibility while navigating

F. Overall assessment of Securityholders’ Service Standards of the Company.

G. Any unredressed grievance that you have on any securities related matter.