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Mutual Fund Investments

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Mutual Funds

In today's time, we all realise the need to move from just 'saving' to 'investing' our money in the right areas. It's only then that we help our money to achieve its potential for growth. And mutual funds are where your money can really flourish and easily beat the inflation. At Mahindra Finance, we recognise this opportunity and have designed various schemes to help you invest your money and gain the most from it.

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Fund Distribution (FINSMART)

Our Mutual Fund Distribution team started its operation in September 2005, and since then, has spread widely across the Southern, Western and Northern states of India.

The entire effort here is to provide you with end-to-end solutions to help you achieve your financial objectives in a hassle-free manner.

When it comes to investing, we understand that everyone has unique needs based on their own financial objectives and risk profiles. And while many investment avenues are open to investors, it is usually seen that in the longer run, equities typically outperform the others. Which is why, we believe that systematic investment in equity has the potential to help your money reap maximum returns and in turn, create more wealth for you in a shorter span of time.

However, investing in equity requires thorough understanding of the market and its myriad complexities. This is where we step in with our expertise. Our advisors carefully understand your investment objectives and risk appetite. They accordingly help you allocate your money in schemes that are best suited for your unique needs. This way, you can hang up your boots, lie back and watch your money do all the hard work.

Risk Documentation

  • Equity Mutual Funds: Predominantly investing in equity and equity-related instruments (Diversified)
  • Sector Funds: Technically called Thematic Funds, investing in particular sectors
  • Index Funds: Investing in BSE listed stocks, managing the funds passively
  • Fund of funds: Investing in the best performing mutual funds
  • Tax Saver Mutual Funds: Section 80 C benefits, where the invested amount is locked for three years
  • Debt Mutual Funds: Investing in government-related instruments
  • Monthly Income Plans: Where the monthly dividend is paid back to the investor
  • Liquid Funds: Investing in money market funds with high liquidity
  • Floating Rate Short term Funds: Invests in debt securities, money market instruments & floating rate instruments with maturity profile of three months and upto 2 years
  • Gilt Funds: Investing in government-related securities
  • Fixed Maturity Plans: Fixed returns up to the maturity period
  • Gold Exchange Traded Funds: Predominantly investing in gold commodity stocks
  • New Fund Offers: The new funds launched by Fund Houses at a face value of Rs.10

Risk Documentation

  • Anybody who would like to invest in mutual funds can invest or start saving in mutual funds. There is no age, sex or income barrier for investment
  • SEBI has made a few changes to the KYC norms after January 1st, 2012. These changes will be effective from December 1st, 2012. So all investors who have complied with their KYC norms prior to January 1st, 2012 need to complete the additional KYC formalities.
  • KYC Documents: Duly signed KYC form with supported documents such as self attested PAN card, ID proof, address proof along with 1 photograph.
  • A photocopy of the KYC documents is mandatory for all mutual fund investments.

Fees and Charges

There are no administrative and investment advisory charges incurred by Mahindra Finance. However, as per SEBI regulations, depending on the Mutual Funds Schemes, investors have to pay an entry/exit load for each investment.

Risk Documentation

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How do I invest in mutual funds and what is the procedure?

You can invest using any of the following investment procedures:

  • Your respective relationship executive will assist you with all your investment requirements, at your door step
  • You can walk into any Mahindra Finance branch and meet the respective relationship executives to assist you with your investments

You have to fill in the application form and hand it over to the relationship executive along with a copy of your KYC documents and a cheque/DD in favour of the scheme in which you want to invest.

How do I know about the scheme's performance in the past?

The past performance of any scheme is reflected in the scheme's factsheets.

How do I view my investment NAV updates?

Log on to the Mahindra Finance website to view your investment NAV updates from your investment portfolio.

Where do I get information on the best performing funds?

You can refer to the daily analyser to get a clear picture of the best performing funds.

How and when can I liquidate my investment?

In case of close-ended funds, liquidity is available only when the fund becomes open-ended, as per the KIM or as specified by the AMC. In case of open-ended funds, the client can redeem his/her investment at any time, after paying certain applicable charges.

How do I know who the Fund Manager is? Also, how do I find out about his past performance?

Kindly refer to the offer document for the name of the Fund Manager and his credentials.

How do I know the performance of my mutual fund investment?

You can log on to the Mahindra Finance website to view your investment performance.

How do I redeem my investment?

An application to redeem your investment can be submitted to the respective AMC or the Mahindra Finance relationship executive.

Can I increase /decrease/switch my SIP (Systematic Investment Plan) and lump sum amount?

Yes, you can do so.

How do I change my bank account details and nominee details?

To change your details, you must fill in the transaction slip to update your latest details along with supported documents and submit it to the respective AMC or to your Relationship Manager.

How do I get to know the dividend history of my investment?

You can view the dividend history of your investment from your investment portfolio.

Can I get SIP renewal updates online?

Yes, you will get a reminder from Mahindra Finance to renew your SIP.

Can I get a consolidated investment portfolio of my investments through Mahindra Finance and other investment advisors?

You can only view your investment portfolio from Mahindra Finance.

How do I change my address and contact details?

To change your address details, you must fill the KYC form (for modification) along with supported documents such as self-attested latest address proof, pan card copy and submit it to the respective AMC / Registrar or your Relationship Manager , so it will automatically update with each AMC wherever your PAN no exists as a 1st/Sole Holder.

Risk Documentation

Mutual fund investments are subject to market risk. Please read the offer document carefully before investing.

This document has been prepared on the basis of publicly available information, internally developed data and other sources believed to be reliable. Mahindra & Mahindra Financial Services Ltd, ('MMFSL') does not warrant its completeness and accuracy. Whilst we are not soliciting any action based upon this information, all care has been taken to ensure that the facts are accurate and opinions given fair and reasonable. This information is not intended as an offer or solicitation for the purchase or sale of any financial instrument receipt of this information should rely on their own investigations and take their own professional advice. Neither MMFSL nor any of its employees shall be liable for any direct, indirect, special, incidental, consequential, punitive or exemplary damages, including lost profits arising in any way from the information contained in this material.

MMFSL and its affiliates, officers, directors, and employees, including persons involved in the preparation or issuance of this material may from time to time, have long or short positions in, and buy or sell the securities thereof, of company mentioned herein. MMFSL may at any time solicit or provide, credit, advisory or other services to the issuer of any security referred to herein, Accordingly, information may be available to MMFSL, which is not reflected in this material, and MMFSL may have acted upon or used the information prim to, or immediately following its publication.

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