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What Is A Commercial Vehicle? Types of Commercial Vehicle

As the name suggests, a commercial vehicle is used specifically for commercial purposes, of which transporting goods from one point to another is the prime priority. As we know, lakhs of businesses - both small and large - operate in India. Commercial vehicles play a vital role in their development and help to boost the country’s economy.

Here are the six main types of commercial vehicles in India:

1. Tippers

Also known as dumpers or dumping trucks, tippers are predominantly used for transporting materials like sand, gravel, or waste from one place to another and dumping them. Generally used in sectors like construction, farming, etc., tippers have an open box fixed at the rear, which can be lifted by hydraulic rams behind the driver’s cabin.

2. Trucks

Trucks are usually used for carrying payloads and have a large loading bay behind the driver’s cabin. However, unlike the tipper, in which the loading bay can be lifted hydraulically, the loading bay in a truck is fixed. Trucks are usually categorised into three types - light-duty, medium-duty and heavy-duty, depending on their load-carrying capacity and dimensions.

3. Trailer trucks

The largest vehicle in the commercial vehicle category, trailer trucks are usually based on heavy-duty trucks and used for pulling long trailers fixed on a flatbed attached to their rear or hinged as a separate entity. The type of hitch or hinge used to attach the large box behind the truck body is called a fifth wheel. Such large commercial vehicles are routinely used to transport oversized goods.

4. Mini trucks

The juniors in the commercial vehicle classification in India, mini trucks are smaller than even light-duty trucks and have up to four wheels. Their flatbed is small and the dimensions are compact, which makes them practical and easy to use in an urban environment and for intra-city purposes. These vehicles are used for small cargo deliveries and transporting light loads between short distances.

5. Pickup vans

A pickup van is an extension of the mini truck and comes with more creature comforts to make them feel more practical and comfortable for family usage. Pickups usually have a single cab or double cab design, with a compact flatbed behind the cab for transporting light loads. They usually come with an open rear section that can be altered into a closed compartment.

6. Transit mixer

A transit mixer is a compact or heavy-duty truck that comes integrated with a mixer used for guiding and mixing cement or other materials. Transit mixers are usually used for construction purposes, and the mixer body can be operated even when the vehicle is in motion.


All these types of commercial vehicles in India generally are low on modern features but are mechanically well-manufactured and capable of carrying much higher loads than regular vehicles. And just like regular vehicles, commercial vehicles are also available for purchase through easy finance options. Mahindra Finance is one of the pioneers of commercial vehicle loans , which are available at flexible interest rates and tenure options.

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