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Top Swaraj Series Tractors Currently Available In India 2022

When it comes to tractors, Swaraj is one of the most trustworthy and oldest brands in India. The company has been in the tractor business for decades and currently offers a wide range of tractors that are well-differentiated based on their engine size, powertrain, and lifting capacity.

Here are five of Swaraj best tractors available in India:

1. Swaraj 744 FE

The Swaraj 744 FE is powered by a 3136cc three-cylinder diesel engine, which can produce a maximum power output of 45-50 hp. Featuring 8 forward and 2 reverse gears, along with a 305mm single-plate dry clutch, the powertrain of the Swaraj 744 FE enables it to attain a maximum forward top speed of 29.2 kmph. This tractor features live hydraulics with position control, automatic draft control, and mix control and claims a lifting capacity of 1700 kg at lower link ends.

2. Swaraj 744 XM

The Swaraj 744 XM gets a 3307cc three-cylinder engine, which is slightly bigger than what the 744 FE has. However, this engine also produces 45-50 hp while mated to a gearbox having 8 forward and 2 reverse gears that allow the tractor to attain a forward top speed of 29.6 kmph. This high-selling Swaraj top model gets two levers and one toggle switch live hydraulics system having automatic position and draft with mix control. Swaraj claims a lifting capacity of 1700 kg for the 744 XM.

3. Swaraj 735 FE

Powering the Swaraj 735 FE is a 2734cc three-cylinder diesel engine, which is capable of producing a power output in the range of 35-40 hp. The 735 FE gets 8 forward and 2 reverse gears and a 280mm single-plate dry clutch while claiming a top speed of 27.8 kmph. This best Swaraj tractor, in terms of numbers, comes equipped with a live hydraulics setup for position control, automatic draft control, and mix control and claims a lifting capacity of 1000 kg.

4. Swaraj 717

The Swaraj 717 is an affordable entry-level tractor from the manufacturer and is powered by a small-capacity 863.5cc three-cylinder engine. Paired with a gearbox having 6 forward and 3 reverse gears and a 200mm single-plate dry clutch, the engine in the Swaraj 717 produces a maximum power output of 15 hp and a top speed of 25.62 kmph. This best Swaraj tractor in the entry-level segment claims a lifting capacity of 780 kg.

5. Swaraj 963 FE

One of the largest and most powerful tractors available from Swaraj, the 963 FE is powered by a 3478cc three-cylinder diesel engine. The engine in this Swaraj 963 top model is paired to a transmission unit consisting of 12 forward and 2 reverse gears and produces a maximum power output of 60-65 hp. The top speed of the Swaraj 963 FE is 31.7 kmph. With live hydraulics and fixed-type lower links, the Swaraj 963 FE boasts 2200 kg of lifting capacity.

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