फिक्स्ड डिपाजिट ओवरव्यू

हमारे सदाबहार फिक्स्ड डिपॉजिट्स में निवेश करें और अपनी मेहनत की कमाई पर बिना किसी जोखिम के लाभ हासिल करें। महिंद्रा फायनांस पेश करता है बेहतर ब्याज दर वाला फिक्स्ड डिपाजिट जिसकी उच्चतम सुरक्षा क्रिसिल की FAAA रेटिंग द्वारा दर्शाई गयी है

  • Features & Benefits
  • Eligibility and Documentation
  • FAQs

Features & Benefits

  • The MMFSL Fixed Deposit has a CRISIL rating of 'FAAA', which indicates a high level of safety

Eligibility and Documentation

+For Resident Individuals
+For Companies
+For Non-Resident Indians (NRI)
+For Partnership Firms
+For Trusts and Foundations
+Charitable Trust
+ Family Trust
+Sole Proprietorship
+Club, Association, Society


+What are the schemes of deposits available?
+What is the difference between a non-cumulative deposit and a cumulative deposit?
+ What is the minimum deposit amount for the cumulative deposit & the non-cumulative deposit schemes?
+How do I tender the amount for the deposit?
+Is there a prescribed form for making deposit?
+If parents for the minor are not alive, then who is to be deemed as the guardian?
+Can a deposit be made in the name of minor alone?
+Can a power of the Attorney (POA) holder sign the deposit application form?
+Is there an extra interest rate for the senior citizen?
+Can a joint account be maintained?
+How do I change my correspondence address and the other personal details?
+Can a trust invest in FD?
+Can a company invest in FD?
+Is there any brokerage/incentive for deposits?
+Do you offer monthly interest on deposits?
+What are the modes by which the interest is paid?
+Interest warrants are drawn from which bank?
+Can you send the interest warrants favoring the second depositors?
+When will the interest be credited in a non-cumulative scheme?
+What happens if the prevalent interest rates come down?
+What happens if the prevalent interest rate goes up?
+When is Income Tax deducted at source from interest?
+What is Form 15G and Form 15H and where do I get it from?
+What is the difference between Form 15G and the Form 15H?
+Is it not enough to furnish the Form only once at the time of placing the deposit?
+What type of certificate do you get for the tax deducted at source and how is the certificate generated?
+In case of salaried person, if the income tax is deducted at source from salary, can he/she furnish 15G/15H?
+Can you open more than one account in the same order of names?
+In case there is an urgent need of money, can a withdrawal be made from deposits?
+Will a certificate be generated even if no tax has been deducted?
+What will be the address printed on the TDS Certificates?
+What to do if there is change in the address?
+When will the TDS certificate will dispatched?
+How to view the credit of the Tax Deducted (TDS) by the company?
+What is the significance of furnishing Permanent Account Number?
+Is it not enough to furnish the Form only once at the time of placing the deposit?
+In case if there is an urgent need for money, can a withdrawal be made from deposit?
+Can a withdrawal be made from the deposit after 3 months?
+Can a premature proceeding be paid favoring the second/third depositor?
+Will the deposit be paid back in cash?
+Can you send the payments directly to the depositor's bank?
+What is the process of taking premature withdrawal?
+Will you allow loan on deposit?
+What is the rate of interest chargeable for loans?
+If the sole depositor dies, what are the documents required?
+Do you accept NRI deposits?
+Can I apply online?
+How can I renew the deposit?
+What are options of renewal?
+Are there any Pre-closure Instructions?

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चौथी मंजिल, महिन्द्रा टावर्स,
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