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Corporate Social Responsibility

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Mahindra Finance started its journey in 1991 with a mission to transform rural lives and driving a positive change in the communities around us. The endeavour is to empower the rural communities and help them unleash their potential. Mahindra Finance has adopted the third Rise pillar, driving positive change as its CSR mission. Each initiative taken up by Mahindra Finance embodies the thought process behind the three pillars of accepting no limits, alternative thinking and driving positive change.


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At Mahindra Finance, we feel a strong sense of responsibility towards the environment in which we thrive. Hence, the very essence of our business model is based on a vision to enable and augment Sustainable Development. With an active sustainability council comprising the senior management, we work with great dedication to ensure that the principles of sustainability are deeply embedded in the company's working and planning systems. We also aim to reduce the ecological impact of our operations and to restrategise businesses in order to achieve sustainable growth.

Being a Triple Bottom Line company, we greatly focus on the below three essential pillars:

People: Ensuring fair and beneficial business practices with respect to labour, the community and the region in which we conduct our operations.

Planet: Sustainable environmental practices to maintain the natural balance and harmony of elements and resources.

Profit: It is the economic yield shared by all the stakeholders involved.

Alternative Thinking

In a world where we're grappling with emerging issues such as climate change, energy, food and water shortages, accelerated loss of biodiversity, persistent poverty and an ever-widening gap between the have and the have-nots, Alternative Thinking becomes highly imperative. We at Mahindra Finance have been actively putting this philosophy into practice across various disciplines and it has been our persistent endeavour to integrate it into our ethos.

Alternative Culture

Awareness among employees

Alternative Care

Lifeline Express

Alternative Growth

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Alternative Reality

Nanhi Kali: Here's another nation-wide initiative we're proud to be part of. Initiated in 1996 by the K.C. Mahindra Education Trust, Nanhi Kali is a focused approach to provide primary education and material support to the underprivileged girl child. It is a participatory project and any individual or corporate can sponsor a Nanhi Kali Education. Since 2005, we have been taking this mission forward in partnership with Naandi Foundation, a reputed NGO. This highly successful project currently supports over 74,665 girls.

Besides these, we have several other initiatives that focus on issues like saving paper, reducing electricity consumption, etc., all in an effort to further our vision of a healthy, harmonious and self-reliant planet.

Click here to visit the Mahindra Group Sustainability website and know more about our sustainability measures, reports and facilities.

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